3D Rendering


3D Rendering

From creating games in Unity to using face-tracking software to replicate Marlon Brando's facial gestures in Maya, I am consistently adding to my 3D software tool belt. 

Programs used: Unity, Unreal, Maya, SketchUp, AutoCAD


Pigging Out

Within Unity, I created a game called "Pigging Out," in which you are essentially a ball with a pig skin, ironically rolling through a field of bacon cheeseburgers, ice cream, and waffles galore. If you can face your fears, you may choose to venture off the stage into the secret world of a donut plethora. 


Marlon Brando and The Art of Lying

Theater director, Reid Farrington envisions a brand new multi-media theatrical production about the art of acting through the lens of the extraordinary life and career of Marlon Brando, who believed that human actors can and may be replaced by digital photo-real avatars. 

In this video, I am using Unreal to interpret values from the Faceware extension to manipulate the facial gestures of a Maya generated 3D model of Marlon Brando in his movie Last Tango In Paris.


LOSTART (a work in progress)

My team is currently working on an augmented reality application where the user is in a colorless world, and by encountering choice public sculptures and works of art throughout New York City, they can bring back the vibrant colors that are embedded into our cultured. 

Featured here is a sample UFO within Unity. Combined with Vuforia, an AR SDK, we will allow a database of markers to trigger real-time events in the application. We will also utilize location-based markers to ensure the user is at the designated sculpture.