New Forms of Interaction: KITCHEN MANIA

Kitchen Mania uses screen-based game control as a starting point for understanding and exploring new methods of interacting with physical computer interfaces. It uses familiar household appliances and tools to produce novel forms of human-computer interaction that are intuitive and accessible.

One of the primary goals of Kitchen Mania is to achieve functional human interface devices that simultaneously perform real physical tasks. While playful, we believe these controllers show the viability of highly accurate / low latency passive sensing of existing electronic appliances. This work has applications in a range of smart home and IoT use cases.



The PulpPad consists of 4 juicers arranged in a directional pad layout, each with a non-invasive current sensor to trigger a keyboard event. Once the juicer is pressed down to complete the circuit, the non-invasive current sensor sends information to the Teensy, which is located inside the custom fabricated control box. To add visual feedback, we included LED strips that will illuminate when the juicer is pressed. Before we begin working with game developers to create a custom game, we have tested out the two PulpPads to play the popular game Dance Dance Revolution.

There are currently two colorways: the white LED diffusing housing with blue LEDs, and the black top / clear sided housing with red LEDs.


The conROLLER is a customized acrylic rolling pin with a rotary encoder inside to determine directionality. When the cylindrical body is rolling, the lasercut involute gear connected to the housing then makes contact with the gear of the rotary encoder, thus turning it and sending information to the Teensy. The 3D printed handles feature an ergonomic, rubberized grip with suggested finger placement, a chrome-plated momentary button, and haptic feedback motors.

Because of its peculiar up and down movement, we aim to work with video game developers that can work with the gesture of the conROLLER. Currently, this device is paired with the game Galaga.