What Computational Media Means To Me

My background is in Visual Arts, with a focus on Architectural Photography. After I received my Bachelor’s, I realized that I fell out of love with photography. I didn’t want to hide behind the lens anymore; instead, I wanted to create the compositions of light that I once simply studied and took pictures of.

In 2014, I decided to backpack throughout Europe and Japan with the sole purpose of documenting light festivals and created this side project dubbed Square.Sky. I attended Lumina in Cascais, Festival of Lights in Berlin, Glow in Eindhoven, Fête des Lumières in Lyon, and several Christmas spectaculars scattered throughout Japan. This wasn’t JUST light - I was exposed to a cornucopia of new media: projection mapping, interactive sensors, spatial sound systems, addressable lighting, and so much more.

I have been inspired by the likes of teamLab, rAndom International, Moment Factory, Nonotak, and so many more. I have worked with ITP Alumni CHiKA on her installation SEI05, Brooklyn Research as an intern to find New Forms of Interaction, and now Leo Villareal as a technical project manager. My passion is to learn how I can manipulate light and fabricate the structures to support those interactive systems.

I see computation as a means to communicate between software and hardware to facilitate human interaction.